EDGE will include a training program, which will support and enforce the research program and provide the ESRs with transferrable skills to facilitate the use of research discoveries for innovation, transfer of knowledge between sectors, and the development of new reagents for science as well as of new products for antiviral therapies. The research training will take a form where each ESR is enrolled as PhD student in the host institution, where 70-85% of the project will be performed. The remaining 15-30% will take place in one of the partner academic or non-academic, or SME laboratories. There will be key focus on quality of research, innovation and education, and each project is designed based on excellence as the only criterion. In addition to training-through-research, EDGE includes a network-wide training program which will be complemented by programs and advanced lab courses offered locally at the participating institutions.

Event Location Time  
Autumn Kick off meeting Denmark, Sandbjerg Estate Oct 11-13, 2016
1st Annual Meeting UK, Trinity College / University of Oxford Sep 27-29, 2017
Mid-term evaluation Italy / University of Turin Jun 13-15, 2018
3rd Annual Meeting NL / University of Utrecht Jun 5-Jun 7, 2019
Company Excursion NL / Janssen, Leiden Jun 7, 2019
Event 6 Denmark Location 13:00 CET - 15:00 CET
Event 7 Denmark Location 13:00 CET - 15:00 CET
Event 8 Denmark Location 13:00 CET - 15:00 CET
Event 9 Denmark Location 13:00 CET - 15:00 CET
Event 10 Denmark Location 13:00 CET - 15:00 CET