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Before you start filling in this form, please have following prepared:

  • CV (pdf format)
  • Cover letter (pdf format)
  • Photo of you (optional)
  • Contact person so we can request a recommendation of you (email address + name)

Deadline for applications: May 6, 2016

Mandatory Eligibility Criteria


Personal Information



Education And Research Training


Project(s) I Would Like To Apply For

Please start by choosing the project(s) that you are interested in applying for by using the checkbox(es), and then prioritize them with numbers ranging from 1-15, where '1' is the first priority.


Email For Recommendation

We would like to send out an email to request a recommendation of you for the position that you have applied for, please provide an email address and a contact person we may conctact.

Final step, before uploading your files

After the deadline, all applications will be evaluated, and you will be notified with the decision on your application as soon as possible. We expect interviews to take place in the period between May 23 and June 10, and final decisions to be taken by end of June. On behalf of the EDGE team.

Kind regards,

Søren Paludan, Professor, project coordinator

Upload Your Data

Please be aware that when you press the "Upload photo, CV and application" button that a pop-up window is opened to allow you to upload your photo, CV and application. Please disable any pop-up blocker you may have in your browser if the pop-up window is not showing.